GoUrmet dining at Grates cove cafe 

If your looking for fantastic food, take a dart up the shore visit Courtney and Terrence Howell at Grates Cove Studio. They cook up  scrumptious Cajun, Korean and all sorts of fare. They also have workshops, and often present live music. They're in the historic Grates Cove where the rock walls have been designated a National Historic Site.  (39 km Route 70 North)

Red Head Cove Treail

Red Head Cove Treail


Red Head Cove's Baccalieu Walking Trail, gives visitors an unforgettable experience as it wanders through an ever changing landscape, with sites of rare orchids, natural ponds, meadows and forest, opening up to stunning views of Baccalieu Island, unlike any other. Baccalieu have shown up on maps dating back to the 1500s and has the biggest population of Storm petrels in the world as well as many other seabirds. (32 km North. Route 70)

Bay De Verde

Bay De Verde


A gem at the end of a lonely highway, Bay de Verde is a reward worth the drive  The NFB film that plays on the third floor of the Heritage House will transport you back to a different world. The building also hosts the Interpretation Centre for the Baccalieu Island Ecological Reserve, the largest protected seabird island in the province. (35 km North Route 70)

Baccalieu Island Ecological Reserve

baccalieu island ecological reserve

Baccalieu Island is the largest protected seabird island in Newfoundland and Labrador. During the summer, it has more types of breeding seabirds than any other seabird colony in the province. It has the largest Leach's storm petrel colony in the world and the second-largest puffin colony in North America. The island is visible from shore at Red Head Cove.   As well, a path leaves from the community of Bay de Verde and goes to Split Cove, which is approximately a 30 minute walk. In the summer, in addition to the birds on the island, whales and icebergs can sometimes be seen from these vantage points.


Art and Craft Gallery
Doyle's Road, Gull Island

Northern Bay Sands

Northern Bay Sands

NOrthern bay sands

Northern Bay Sands Park should be a part of every east coast childhood. The North Atlantic may be bracing for most, but the river falls is delightfully refreshing on a warm summer day and the sand will be surprisingly hot on tender bare feet. The Park has an excellent fully serviced camping area. ( Route 70. 3.9 km north) 


Art & Craft Gallery
Station Road, Ochre Pit Cove


Convenience & Crafts
Wharf Road, Ochre Pit Cove. 


Everything you need! Delicious baked goods,  groceries, fine coffee beans, beer, hardware.


Salmon Cove has a gorgeous sandy beach with a wide river delta great for wading and a perfect picnic area. 
(Route 70. 20 km south)


Don't miss these glorious visitors from Greenland in season. (May-July).

Victoria Heritage Village

Victoria Heritage Village


Victoria Heritage Village has a general store, salt box house, water wheel, forge, railway stations, carriage house NL pony barn museum, and a country church which is available for weddings. A 1500ft. boardwalk surrounds the site and hike and walking trails nearby. A NL hydro electric plant built in 1904 still operates near the site. Heritage Village is built on the site of a World War Two POW camp built in 1940 and dismantled in 1943. (26 km South Route 70)


Located in the historic district of Carbonear. Products are locally crafted and juried. DozenOdd represents 43 local crafters and boasts an art gallery. A unique co-operative artist owned and appreciated. Handcrafted jewellery, metal wall art, hooked rugs, seal skin products, pottery and souvenirs. 195 Water Street.


Experience NL Art by participating in a live demo on premises. Our gallery features NL Artists reflecting on traditional and contemporary fine art. Visit the gift shop and art supply store to take home an original one of a kind piece of art. Come experience creativity at its finest. 195 Water Street.

The Wooden Boat Museum

Visit The Wooden Boat Museum in Winterton to learn the story of Newfoundland and Labrador’s wooden boats from prehistory to today, view their collection of traditional wooden boats and artefacts, watch our resident boat builder as he works in their boat building shed, take part in  workshops, or explore their Heritage Walking Trail.   (53.7 km via Route 70 South and Route 74)

Heart's Content Cable Station

In 1866 the first permanent telegraph cable connecting Europe and North America was hauled ashore at Heart's Content. This little Newfoundland town leaped into the history books and remained a global communications hub for over a century.  Heart's Content Cable Station today consists of an 1875 office building and a 1918 extension. Exhibits focus on the history of telegraphy and the role Heart's Content played in the industry. Highway 80, Heart's Content.
(43 km via Route 70 South and  74)