Why Be Here?

Hospitality marketing often talks about escaping or getting away from it all. Maybe we crave adventure, novelty and excitement or maybe we're just looking to relax and leave our worries behind. I wonder, though, if we really need to escape our lives, or if that's even possible. We carry our bodies with us wherever we go. We carry our thoughts and habits, our joys and sorrows. They are what make us tangly, complicated creatures. Life is a messy affair.  Honestly, I believe we can make adventure in our own backyard if we want to. Every moment is inherently new, even if it doesn't always feel that way. Every time we breathe, we change. You don't need to come to here to do that. I'm a terrible marketer. 

If you do come, I hope you come not to escape, but just to be where you are. Take your messy self with you. Be open to your joys and patient with your sorrows. There's room enough for all of it. Welcome to Ochre House. Be here.